The Impact Of Poor Service Excellence On Stakeholders In The Healthcare Organizations

The providence of poor service excellence in the health and social care sector has profound implications on the society. Since this is related to a large number of people in the community, it deepens the impact to a significant number. The personal implication of the poor service excellence results in not meeting the needs of the patients, a presence of low self-esteem and other injuries and fatalities. The social impact of poor service excellence consists of the different negative implications on the public health care system. This finally results in the spread of diseases and the creation of several health and safety issues. The professional connections include the various disciplinary actions that can be taken, prosecutions and fines. The implementation of excellence systems of service can be done through different kinds of approaches. The use of the various personal approaches such as the utilization of the reflective practice, preparing appraisals, audit of the different skills, setting a particular target and other personal development plans of the personnel can be utilized.


Social approaches such as the sharing knowledge of the different practice methods and the proper mentoring and coaching of all the service personnel also result in the increasing of excellence.

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